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Music CD Special
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[ Music CD Special ]
Get your audio CD replicated in a professional manner for only $1.15 a disc (minimum order of 1,000). This special offer is designed specifically for groups and individuals wishing to get the complete package in a simple and affordable manner.
[ What Do I Get? ]
Replication of the CD (includes glass master)
1-3 color silk screen printing on disc surface (includes film and screen costs)
Jewel Case
Standard Jewel Case 140 x 124 x 10mm
Black or clear base and clear swing out cover
2 Panel Front Insert
Offset printed in 4/1 colors
Tray Card
Offset printed in 4/1 colors
All the items above are assembled and shrink-wrapped into the Jewel case using poly wrap
Jewel Case Components
[ What Do I Need? ]
-Audio CD master in Redbook format with a length of less than or equal to 78 minutes
-Artwork for disc cover using 1-3 colors only
-Artwork for 2-Panel Front insert in four colors with white flood
-Artwork for Tray Card in four colors with white flood
-$1,150.00 (USD) - $1.15 each
[ How Do I Do It? ]
-Fill out the form below
-Mail or ftp in your artwork and master
-Wait 2-3 weeks for the discs to be produced
*State: *Postal Code:
*Email Address:
*Phone Number:
*Quantity: discs.   Minimum Order 1,000
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