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[Expericard with Unique Data-Driven Personalization]
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[ Personalized Performance Power ]
Each CD-ROM contains a small amount of data, uniquely different than the other CDs in the batch. This is achieved utilizing a proprietary factory process to physically modify a data track on each CD after replication. This embedded data can be used with or without a connection to an online database.
[ Example Uses ]
Offline - all "local" on a PC
Online - Leverage the Internet
Personalized Presentations
Pre-determined starting point based on variable data
Better Cost Efficiencies 10% to 40% less than print catalogs, booklets, etc.
Higher Conversion Rates Average of 19% of recipients placed an order.
ID/Member key to download and unlock content
Subscriber ID/Key to access web content
Registration ID such as appliance serial number
Campaign ID to drive a data based presentation or course materials.
Sales channel tracking such as Representative/Agent ID for referrals
Loyalty reward programs
[ The Network Connected Disc ]
If you dont already have a master disc for us to replicate, please see our PromoCD Express Service and we will create for you from your digital or print collateral.
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