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[ Expericard CD/DVD Postcard ]
A Postcard with the Power of a Disc!
Expericard is a revolution in optical media packaging - a completely new way to communicate. These patented postcards put the power of a DVD or CD-ROM right into your customers' hands
With Expericard you send a postcard and the receiver gets the whole experience
Expericard is an ultra-lightweight, durable postcard that comes in the mail. Just pop out the DVD or CD-ROM , drop it into a media player, and instantly enjoy films, interactivity, slide shows, guided tours, games and more.
This is a perfect solution for product brochures, museum souvenirs, and greeting cards.
No downloads. No interruptions. No limits on content. No compromise on quality.
Download Expericard PDF
Expericard with Reply Mail
Expericard with Personalization
[ Expericards mail as USPS Letter Rate, Machinable & Automation Compatible ]
View PCSC Letter
Why pay higher postal rates for flats?
Registered at the USPS PCSC (Pricing and Classification Service Center) in New York City:
PCSC letter 871165, dated April 3rd, 2007. Click on seal to view the letter in it's entirity
"Excellent feeding and stacking; No Jams or Flyouts."
[ Expericard Formats ]
All formats of the Expericard are printed using the highest quality methods on a special cardboard specifically designed for the best durability during postal handling.

We currently offer postcards designed to hold full size discs (650MB CD-ROM and 4.7-9.4GB DVD) and mini sized discs (180MB CD-ROM and 1.47-2.88GB DVD) and a magazine insert designed to hold full size discs (650MB CD-ROM and 4.7-9.4GB DVD)

[ Full Size Expericard ]
Dimensions: 8 " x 5 "
Weight (including disc): 1.2 oz
Disc Size: 12cm
[ Medium Size Expericard ]
Dimensions: 7¼" x 4½"
Weight (including disc): 0.80 oz
Disc Size: 8cm "Round" or 63mm "Hockey Rink"
Full Size Expericard
Mid Size Expericard
View Front View Back View Open
View Front View Back View Open
[ Mini Size Expericard ]
Dimensions: 5 " x 4 "
Weight (including disc): 0.63 oz
Disc Size: 8cm
[ Expericard Magazine Insert ]
Dimensions: 8 ¼" x 5 ¾"
Weight (including disc): 1.2 oz
Disc Size: 12cm
Mini Size Expericard
Expericard Insert
View FrontView Back View Open View FrontView Remove View Open View Back
[ Additional Features ]
  • Easy-to-open perforation that is secure for postal handling.
  • Messaging information still intact even after the postcard has been opened.
  • The open postcard makes a perfect sleeve for the included disc.
  • Back of the card can be printed in another color 4/1.
  • Partial UV-coating printing is available.
  • Postcards can be be addressed and given personalized messages during the entirely automatic production process. This allows for easy cost-effective fulfillment. Download PDF for more information on Personalized Expericards.
[ Further Information and Samples ]
For more information and samples please email us at Expericard@onedisc.com or call us at 1-877-530-7766

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