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Our goal is to provide you with a streamlined production process, from authoring of the CD master, until you receive your order. Your customer service representative will keep you informed throughout the production process so that you will always know your order status and the exact date your shipment will arrive. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction, please read what our clients are saying about us.

[ TurboGrips 2-n-1 Grips ]

As a designer I am constantly partnering with outside service bureau's on a variety of projects, so when a company "goes that extra mile" and renders exceptional service I notice it. Working with Onedisc made the task of creating my client's annual Product Catalog and CD a seemlessly smooth process. Jason lended solid creative advice as well as expertise in his field. Tom oversaw the whole process, making sure there were no glitches along the way. They also kept to the timeline that they had promised and delivered a superior product that my client and I were thrilled with. They have gained another loyal customer.

Linda Salva
Bella Forma Design

Click here to view the TurboGrips PromoCD presentation

[ Sebia, U.S.A.]

Our experience with OneDisc exceeded our expectations by miles. OneDiscs Senior Graphic Designer opened our eyes to possibilities we never imagined both technical and creative. As a OneDisc customer, we felt as if we were the only customer, which is a very difficult task for a vendor and speaks volumes in our eyes. Sebia is an in vitro diagnostic company who supplies diagnostic laboratory instrumentation and reagents to prestigious medical centers, childrens hospitals, and reference laboratories across the country. We are very proud of the final product produced by OneDisc, which ultimately is an impressive, high-tech, card-sized electronic brochure utilized as a Marketing piece in order to allow customers and prospective customers to learn about our comprehensive line of electrophoresis products. We look forward to collaborating with OneDisc once again in the near future.

Bonny Champagne
Sebia, Senior Product Manager

Click here to view the Sebia PromoCD presentation

[ AMSCO Windows, Inc ]

"We had a great experience with OneDisc. Our company was attending a trade show, and we wanted to use business-card size disks to hand out to prospective clients. We chose a local source, but that source ended up not being a reliable source. I had talked with Matt at OneDisc and knew of their capabilities, so less than a month before our show I called him in desperation. He and the designer were responsive to our request and got working on our project immediately. They designed a presentation disk exactly as we’d pictured it, and were not afraid to give us their expert advice to improve upon our ideas. What we ended up with was an extremely professional presentation well beyond our expectations, at a great price, and in our hands when we needed it. We’ve gotten more compliments about the disk than we can count. We’d recommend OneDisc to anyone."

- Marketing Manager - AMSCO Windows

Click here to view the AMSCO Windows PromoCD presentation

[ MaXware, Inc ]
"OneDisc.com worked with us to ensure that our Promo CD was completed within a short timeframe in time for an important trade show. The finished product looked great and arrived on schedule. The team that worked with us was diligent and responsive, a refreshing change from some of the other vendors we have worked with. You have a loyal customer. Keep up the great work!”

- MaXware Inc.

[ EnlightenU.com ]
I have gotten rave reviews from your CD that is on the back cover of my book. What an outstanding marketing tool!


Gary Springfield

[ HunTel.net ]

OneDisc.com, Inc. worked with us to put together a setup CD for our customers that was tailored to our specific needs. They were not only patient with us in designing the software, but they were very flexible and gave great insight as to what other customers had needed in the past. Every ISP is unique as to the specific needs of their customers. OneDisc.com came through with a high level of service we are proud to pass along to our customers.

ISP-One-Dial™ Proves its Value Every Day

[ Internet of the Sandhills/ConnectNC ]

Internet of the Sandhills/ConnectNC, a major North Carolina based ISP has used CDs from OneDisc.com for over 3 years. Chief Technical Officer Beth Morgan said: "We have had Custom CDs made for us, and then we switched to the ISP-One-Dial™ feature of the Standard CDs to continue getting new subscribers signed up with great success.

We tried for a while to set customers up without CDs at all, but now we again have a supply of OneDisc's Standard CDs with our own custom artwork on the front. We found that the cost of using the CDs is more than offset by the reduction in support time needed for setting up new customers and results in fewer ongoing frustrations. Additionally, by including the browsers on the CD we bring our customers up to the latest browser functionality and security, which saves the customers hours of download time.

ISP-One-Dial™ Proves its Value Every Day

[ NYU - New York University ]
For the last three years, OneDisc.com has collaborated with acclaimed New York University (NYU) to develop an Internet setup CD-ROM for students, faculty and staff. While the primary focus of the CD is to reduce calls to their technical support group, NYU also uses the CD as a quick and easy way to distribute value-added software.

[ Astound ]

OneDisc.com created an eye-catching marketing tool for use by the Astound Broadband sales team. The Mini CD in the mailable wallet contains information to inform and intrigue the prospective subscribers of the high speed Internet service. To "close the deal," there is also a custom program to assign a score and pre-qualify the customer's computer to receive Broadband service from Astound. "This Internet Qualifier CD has reduced costs associated with unnecessary truck-rolls for installation. It provides our sales force with an easy-to-use and speedy pre-qualification tool. It is so easy, customers can pre-qualify themselves". said Greg Sanderson, Internet Product Manager for Astound Broadband. "The Astound Internet Qualifier will pay for itself not only with savings, but also from the new sales it generates for us."

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