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[ Phonebook Management for Dialup Service ]

If you have the capability, why not have a dynamic phone book system and keep the most current phone list online. We can help you set this up to manage thousands of entries across hundreds of states, provinces, and/or countries. Please contact us at isp@onedisc.com to learn more.

What’s happening here?

1. Red - you create a formatted POP phonelist on your server and send it to us to compile as a phonebook for your clients' CD-ROMs.

2. Yellow - the client CD-ROM installs the multi-POP phonebook and a Connection Program to manage the selection of the POPs and set dialing parameters.

3. Green - the client machine uses the Connection Program to routinely dial up a Primary or Secondary POP.

4. Red - Upon Connection, the Connection Program determines IF your "phonebook server" has a "newer" phonebook available.

5. Yellow - the Newer phonebook automatically/silently downloads IF the server is up and it was deemed that a new phonebook was available.

6. Green - back to status quo with a new phonebook, all set for the next dial-in.

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