Parameter Form for Configuration Setup Server

In order to customize the server parameters for your customers' use, we need the following information

  1. Testing Information
  2. Dial-up & PPP Parameters
  3. Browser Customization

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Testing Information

Person Providing This Data:
Full Company Name:
Telephone Number:
Test Account:
We will perform basic, limited testing of the connection software with our verification process. You'll be notified via E-mail when this is complete. Please provide the following information for this purpose:
Dial-up Area Code/Number:



Dial-up and PPP Parameters

Dial-up and PPP Parameters: This first set of parameters is for your regular server. All fields required. Defaults are set to the most common settings. If you are not sure if you should change a setting, we recommend leaving it as it is.

Dial-up Numbers: Type a list of POP names and phone numbers (with area codes), one to a line here. If you have a long list, you might want to FTP them to us. Email us at for instructions.
SMTP Server: (example: 
POP Server: (example:
NNTP Server: (example:
Domain: (example:
Dial As Is: Yes  No     (Set Dial As Is to "yes" if you want to force specific dialing rules.)
Specify Server Address: Yes  No
Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
IP Header Compress: Yes  No
Gateway on Remote: Yes  No
Specify IP Address: Yes  No
Negotiate TCP/IP: Yes  No
Password Encrypt: Yes  No
Software Compress: Yes  No
Software Encrypt: Yes  No
Server Type: PPP  SLIP
Negotiate IPX/SPX: Yes  No
Negotiate NetBEUI: Yes  No
Log on to Network: Yes  No
Proxy Enable: Yes  No  IP Address
Dial-up Script: Does your server use non-standard dial-up scripts for Win95, Win31, and Mac? 
You will neeed to FTP non-standard dial-up scripts after submitting this form. Please contact us at for instructions.
  Yes  No

Browser Customization
The browser installed during the signup process can be customized in the following ways:

Window Title:
Home Page:
Help Page:

Favorite Name.url                                                     Example Title Name                           Example URL Name

Title Name 

Title Name 

Title Name 

Title Name 

Title Name 

ISP Technical Support Phone Number:

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