Art Specifications

Up to 2-Spot Colors are included in the standard price. Designers can use the background, the silver color of the disc, as a third color at no additional cost.

Please provide the art with the following specifications:

  • Vector Based (e.g., Adobe Illustrator ®, CorelDRAW ®, Freehand)
  • Up to 2 Pantone Spot Colors
  • Specify fonts and send all fonts with artwork, or change fonts to outlines
  • Specify the Pantone®/PMS colors
  • Imported images must be monotoned or duotoned and must be at least 300dpi.

4-Color Process -vs- Spot Colors

The basis of spot colors is the layering of colors on the CD surface. These colors are specified with the Pantone® colors or PMS numbers. On the contrary, 4-Color Process combines the basic CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) colors on a white background to create any number of colors. We discourage the use of 4-color process images for disc art. If you require the use of a 4 color design, there is a surcharge per disc for the extra silk screens. Please contact us for further information on this topic.

Getting the Most Out of 2 Spot Colors

A good silk-screen design uses the background, silver, as a color in the design. A common method of creating the 'appearance' of many colors is to use a gradient of the same PMS color. For example, Microsoft blue is PMS 279. Several shades of blue can be created from the one true color by adding white or black, or by lowering the intensity (screens) the color in specific places on the CD. Many good CD designs only use two colors. A good example is any of the CDs which come with the Macromedia Director 5 Suite. Adobe Photoshop 4 and Adobe Illustrator 7 are also good examples of this.

Tips on Making High Resolution Images

Adobe Illustrator ® Version 8.0 or later
(Adobe Illustrator is our prefered file type)

  1. Do not import low resolution images (i.e., .gifs or .jpgs).
  2. Save the file as an Illustrator (.AI) document or an .EPS file.

CorelDRAW ® Version 9 or later

  1. Do not import low resolution images (i.e., .gifs or .jepgs).
  2. Export the document as an .EPS file.

Freehand Version 9 or later

  1. Do not import low resolution images (i.e., .gifs or .jepgs).
  2. Export the document as an .EPS file.

For more information, please consult your users manual or follow the above links vendors' web sites.

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