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Available on all OneDisc.com Standard CDs!

Customer Benefits!
ISP-One-Dial gives ISPs the advantage of a custom signup included in the cost of our standard discs. New subscribers simply type in their ISP's domain name to access the system setup data on our Configuration Setup Server. There's no chance for incorrectly entered data. Once they type in their User Name and password, they are ready to go online!

ISP Benefits!
ISPs provide dialup information (up to 25 POPs free!) through our online parameter form. We host the data on our ISP-One-Dial Configuration Setup Server. ISPs can modify the hosted data any time without the need for CD revisions! No user personal data is stored, but all system settings are configured automatically. ISP-One-Dial creates a new default Dial Up Networking instance, configures Outlook Express E-Mail, and can brand the updated Internet Explorer version with your ISP Home Page and Favorites.

- No Access Fees, No Monthly Fees, Server calls are Toll-Free. – Each time a customer uses the disc it dials up our Configuration Server so OneDisc.com pays for the call.

- Update your Access Numbers at any time – You will never get stuck with a disc that has out of date access numbers on it because this disc doesn’t have any. All of your ISP specific settings and access numbers are stored on our Configuration Server so if you change a POP or a mail server name (or anything else) we can change it on the server, ususally the same day, and it won’t cost you a dime.

Here is how it works:
(its as easy as 1-2-3)

1. Insert the CD into your computer and run the ISP-
One-Dial Installation

2. The user types in your ISP’s Domain name and the software uses their modem to dial our 1-800 number

3. Once connected to our Configuration Server the user selects their dial up number and enters their username and password.

That's it! Your users access our Configuration Setup Server at a toll-free number and in three easy steps, finish setting up their account. ISP-One-Dial with your next is the easy way to get your customers on the Internet at a small cost to you and because its so easy your ISP will get fewer tech support calls.

Available on all Standard CDs in quantities of 50 or more. – See Standard Setup for details

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