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Frequently Asked Questions
The intent of these product offerings is to provide you many choices ranging from low quantity and low cost Standard offerings to high volume, higher value Custom discs.
Q: How do I, the ISP, "personalize" a Standard CD-ROM?
A: The Standard disc sleeves have a place on the back for you to put a label with your ISP name, telephone number, and other basic content and connection information. The user will input your specific ISP dial-up information and browser settings using the Dialup Instance Builder, which will walk them through the signup process and prompt them for information such as POP numbers, and URL address for home, help and search pages. This information is provided by the ISP and is usually distributed with the CD-ROM.
Q: How is the disc mailer different from the disc sleeve?
A: The mailer weighs 1 ounce with the disc inside, and can be sent First Class for 49 cents. The Sleeve is meant to be enclosed in another envelope for mailing or as a handout or counter display.
Q: What information do we need to develop a custom configuration CD-ROM?
A: After you order your CD-ROM you will be prompted to submit your parameters online. In addition, we request art-work files for the disc silkscreening and for custom packaging if applicable.
Q: How quick is turnaround?
A: We ship the Standard discs from stock. Custom discs take anywhere from a fast 2 weeks to several weeks as illustrated by the table below. Both timelines are contingent upon receipt of your payment.
When you order Custom CDs, you will be prompted to supply your ISP-specific information online. We will use the information to create a CD-R. After you have tested and formally approved the CD-R for production, we will manufacture your CD-ROMs. Depending on the ISP, this process can take anywhere from a very fast two weeks, to two months or more as illustrated by the table below.
Typical Custom CD-ROM Timeline (in days)
After Order is Placed by ISP
  Fast   Typical   Max  
1. Payment Settled by ISP 1 1 10
2. Dial-up Parameters Sent to 1 3 10
3. Disc Surface Artwork to 1 10 15
4. * Packaging Artwork to 1 10 15
5. CD-R produced by & Sent to ISP 3 5 10
6. ISP Approves CD-R 2 5 20
7. Production of CD-ROMs and Packaging 10 14 20
Overall Timeline 15 30 60

* Optional - Extra cost for smaller orders.
Q: I would like to order Custom CD-ROMs, but I am in a hurry. How can I expedite my order?
A: There are actually several things you can do to get your CD-ROMs in a timely manner:

1) Order Early and Plan Ahead - As they say, the best treatment is prevention. Plan ahead. Plan ahead. Plan ahead.

2) Pay Early - We will not begin the manufacturing of CD-ROMs or packaging until your order has been paid in full. We allow 10 days for checks to clear.

3) Consider Standard Packaging - Since we have it in stock, choosing our standard packaging could trim weeks off a projected shipment date.

4) Provide Complete and Accurate Information - Make sure the information you provide is complete, accurate, and in the specified format.

5) Tell Us of Your Deadlines - We cannot guarantee we will meet your tight deadlines, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

6) Order Standard CD-ROMs for Backup - If you're concerned you will run out of signup CD-ROMs before your Custom order is fulfilled, consider ordering a few Standard CD-ROMs to tide you over. They are shipped from stock usually within a couple of days of ordering.

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