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All Custom Disc orders include the following features:
OneDisc.com Custom CDs are made to your specifications with our framework but your complete customization. From additional software to graphics, presentations, printing and packaging we’ll tailor make the Internet setup to your company’s needs. With or without an online registration server.
Standard Packaging – Includes our Standard Mailer windowed paper/Tyvek™ sleeves, clear vinyl sleeves, or bulk (no packaging).
ISP-One-Dial Connection tool – The versatile and easy way to get your customers set up to connect to the Internet. ISP-One-Dial stores your configuration on our servers, allowing you to update your configuration and Dial-up access numbers at any time without having to reorder discs. Plus the call is toll free, so its free for you and your customers.
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• Hybrid CD-ROM Setup Disc – Playable on both Windows™ and Macintosh™ Operating Systems (if desired)

• Your choice of browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer-with Outlook Express e-mail client
Mozilla-with Mozilla e-mail client
Mozilla Firefox-optional Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client

• Fully Customized Dialer Installation

• Custom Packaging – Ask for a quote on custom printed packaging. Available in cdOneBooks™, Envelopes, Wallets, CD Mailers, Digipacks, Jewel Cases and Clamshells with or without inserts, Sleeves, Folders, and more.

• Your Custom Disc Art – Templates in Adobe® Illustrator are available for you to create your own silkscreen CD art. Additionally you can have our graphic designers create your silkscreen art for you. ($200.00 fee applies)

• Production Management - OneDisc.com will work with you and your staff throughout the entire project, from initial mastering and testing to packaging and CD production, to ensure your project is completed in as accurate and timely a manner as possible. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.

Feature Selection Menu - This menu is customized to your needs
  • Account Setup: CD auto detects platform, installs browser, and configures dialer via an ISP Registration Server.
  • Manual Dialup Setup: CD auto detects platform, installs browser, and configures dialer with user input via a type-in wizard.
  • SAGE Broadband Setup: This Broadband Setup option helps you correctly connect your Broadband hardware to your PC, and test your connection to ensure it is live. ISPs using this setup option must provide dynamically assigned IP addresses (DHCP).
  • Alternative Browser Menu: This menu allows you to upgrade IE browsers or install Netscape Browsers. Internet Explorer in Spanish is also available!
  • Special Software: Freeware & shareware software titles including WinZip, WS-FTP, & Transmit.
  • Internet Tutorial: An Introductory tutorial about the Internet including useful web links.
  • About this CD: Information for the user about what's on this CD.
  • Exit: Leaves the setup program and returns to the user's desktop.

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