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OneDisc.com, using experience gained throughout years of producing Custom CDs for Fortune 500 companies, now offers an exclusive framework for custom CD authoring. The PromoCD Express service was designed specifically to streamline the development of a Custom Promotional CD by taking advantage of an organizations existing digital assets. Plans start as low as $500.00(plus replication).

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PromoCD Express

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Step 1:
Choose from the following two plans
[ PromoCD Express Plans ]
Promo CD Express Our standard package gives you all of the features mentioned above, including Windows Autorun, and the Promo CD Express Custom Menu $500.00
(plus replication)
Promo CD Express GOLD Adds Macintosh functionality to create a Hybrid Disc. Incorporates the same features as the Promo CD Express plan. Mac compatibility is especially important if you work in the music or graphic arts fields where use of Mac systems is common, or for residential distribution to ensure that all of your clients and prospects will be able to use the disc. $750.00
(plus replication)

Step 2:
Once you have decided between the Express and Gold packages above, consider adding features to give your presentation more impact.
[ PromoCD Additional Features ]
(plus base plan cost)
Photo Flash Intro Adds a Flash® intro slideshow to your disc. When your CD launches, your photos will play automatically in a Flash® slideshow before the main menu comes up. We can build in the option for users to skip the slideshow if they are in a hurry or have viewed the CD numerous times. $200.00
Video Pro Add video to your Promo CD. You supply the MPEG1 video, up to 5 minutes long, and we will incorporate it into your Custom CD. We will format the presentation so that there is no need for your users to download additional software in order to view the video. $300.00

Or choose the best of everything:
Save $100 on combined features with our Platinum plan:
[ Bundled PromoCD Express Plans ]
Promo CD Express PLATINUM You get the Promo CD Express Gold plan which includes Macintosh functionality, with the added features of a custom intro slideshow and up to five minutes of video $1,150.00
(plus replication)

*Pricing includes all Runtime Software Licenses. Pricing is for standard plans and assumes that you provide the digital materials to OneDisc specifications and place an accompanying replication order of 1,000 or more CDs. Full custom services are also available to build your disc from the ground up. Please call for a custom quote.

The PromoCD Express™ service incorporates your organization’s existing digital assets into a dynamic and professional CD presentation. By working with material provided by your company, as well as client-provided menu button titles and flyover test, OneDisc.com is able to provide a pre-defined process and outcome.

Packaging Options:
OneDisc.com specializes in a wide variety of creative packaging options. cdOneBooks™, sleeves, jewel cases, mailers, Digipaks™, Retail Packs, Direct Mail Windowed Envelopes and wallets are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate you choice of Promo CD. For larger orders, we offer the option to create a custom package specific to your design requirements or distribution channel.
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