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In the world of sales and marketing you can always calculate what the expenses were for a given advertising or marketing campaign. But what about the return?
Profit margins and gains are easily measured, but wouldn't knowing exactly where those increases came from be increibly useful?
OneDisc.com, Inc. brings industry-leading digital marketing, manufacturing and authoring to your organization and distribution network. By enhancing interactive, proactive CDs and DVDs designed for direct mail & personal viewing, OneDisc.com can take your campaign to the next level.
Now with AutoCount Response Tracking, you have the power to analyze your campaign with incredible detail. See real-time direct results of how well your latest promotion is doing with our easy to use online service for only pennies per disc.
Autocount Graphs
With AutoCount Response Tracker's Generated Graphs you get the best breakdown of your information in a clear visual graph. See the proof of your campaigns success through usage, day, and weekly graphs. Your project graphs are generated using current data which allows you to have constant visibility into the progress of your campaign.
Trend Graph Usage by Day Graph Usage by Time of Day Graph
Autocount DashBoard Autocount Response Generator
The AutoCount Dashboard displays an easy to use breakdown of your campaigns. You see easy to understand results from an intuitive interface. The AutoCount Report Generator is a tool for the more advanced user. It provides a greater level of detail, and the Promotional Manager can view AutoCount results based on each run of discs for each campaign.
Autocount Dashboard Screenshot Autocount Response Screenshot
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