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[ cdOneBook™ For Software, Games, & Manuals ]
Combines a Promotional CD and a beautifully printed booklet
The cdOneBook™ For Software, Games, & Manuals
This creative new design combines a compact booklet with packaging of your software program, video game or digital manual. The cdOneBook can replace or supplements traditional boxed packaging.
The integrated design makes it easy to store. Similar to a typically instruction booklet, the cdOneBook can include printed information in addition to your digital presentation.
•Compact booklet can replace or supplement traditional boxed packaging
•Integrated design combines packaging of your CD with an instruction manual, setup guide, or troubleshooting reference booklet
•Easy to store
•Mails with no need for additional packaging at low cost
•Attractive & Professional Package for retail sale
Sample Print Content Sample Disc Content
• Advertisements: For other products offered by your company or sold to other companies offering complementary   products & services
• Business Reply Cards: Pages can be perforated for business reply cards
• Install Instructions: System requirements, detailed installation instructions including screenshots
• Troubleshooting booklet: For frequently asked questions and basic troubleshooting
• Contact Information: Customer service contacts
•"How to" manual with video demonstrations
• Your software or video game program
• Software or video game demo for promotion
• Product catalog
• Company information
Overview of the  cdOneBook Featured Products
• 2 to 38 pages of content;
• Cover and interior can be printed in 1 to 4 colors;
• Perforation of interior pages (for coupons, banquet tickets, etc.);
• Designs are available for mini, hockey rink, and business card shaped CDs as well as the full size version;
• Paper pocket for disc is placed inside either the front or back cover of the booklet
• Deluxe version of the cdOneBook™ holds two discs in clear vinyl pockets
Designed for a full size disc. This package allows the most space for print and disc contents
This deluxe version holds two full size discs in clear vinyl sleeves. Ideal for software manuals.
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