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[ Press Release - July 8th, 2004 ]
ISP-One-Dial CD Services From OneDisc.com: Simplify Customer Signup and Enhance Your Image at Affordable Prices
July 8th, 2004 - St. Paul, Minnesota

Sign-up CD-ROMs are a proven method of getting new subscribers off on the right foot with up-to-date, secure, virtually goof-proof support. And now, OneDisc.com makes it both simple and affordable for any size telecom to offer this service. ISP-One-Dial™ CD-ROMs packaged in a cdOneBook™ from OneDisc.com save telecoms time, money and the testing required to ensure a high quality, professional looking subscriber CD – and they do it at very affordable prices.

ISP-One-Dial is a field-proven CD-ROM that allows customers to connect to the Internet without confusing instructions, frustration or expensive, time-consuming calls to the service center. It is an ideal ISP signup solution with a variety of features that give telecoms the professional image and service that are a perfect fit, whether they’re a large or small operation. The clever cdOneBook packaging presents a polished professional image, with an integrated 14-page booklet with illustrated, printed instructions and a pocket to hold the CD. (Image 1)

Basic ISP signup CDs are available or they can be customized to meet particular needs. Options include e-mail enrollment, a nationwide/worldwide phonebook managing thousands of connection possibilities, or even complete online registration using OneDisc.com’s ISP-One-Dial Configuration Server as a proxy registration server.

“We’ve had great success with the ISP-One-Dial standard CDs,” said Beth Morgan, chief technical officer, Sandhills/ConnectNC of North Carolina. “ In the past, we’d tried getting new subscribers signed up without CDs at all and also tried using custom CDs. But we went back to using OneDisc’s Standard CDs, customized with our own artwork. We found that the cost of using the ISP-One-Dial CD is more than offset by the reduction in support time needed for setting up new customers and results in fewer ongoing frustrations. In addition, by including the browsers on the CD, we bring our customers up to the latest browser functionality and security, which saves our customers hours of download time.”

Standard ISP-One-Dial CD-ROMs come pre-programmed with an attractive, user-friendly menu interface (Image 2) that includes dial-up instructions as well as options for installing Netscape browsers, easy access to special freeware and shareware, and an Internet tutorial. CDs may be upgraded with a company name, logo and designs. ISP-One-Dial even allows telecoms to easily “brand” their customers’ updated Internet Explorer version with their ISP Home Page and Favorites.

ISP-One-Dial’s low price also includes the ability to specify dialup information for up to 25 POPs at no additional charge (additional POPs available for a fee) through the online parameter specification form. Data is hosted on the OneDisc.com ISP-One-Dial Configuration Setup Servers with the ability to modify it any time without the need to revise signup CDs. Data is secure and private. No personal user data is stored, with all system settings configured automatically on the customer’s system.

With ISP-One-Dial CD-ROMs ISP customers simply access an ISP-One-Dial Configuration Setup Server using a built-in toll-free number and in two easy steps finish setting up their account. The installation software automatically accesses their PC modem to dial the OneDisc.com toll-free number. Then, the user types in the ISP domain name at the prompt and selects the phone number of the POP for their area from the telecom’s list. There’s no chance for incorrectly entered data. Once a customer types in their user name and password, they are ready to go online.

ISP-One-Dial CD-ROMs are just one of the many products and services available through OneDisc.com. And all OneDisc.com products are rigorously tested for quality assurance that the dial-up CD will work with the more than a dozen popular operating systems for both Windows and Mac.

Standard ISP-One-Dial CD-ROMS are priced affordably. Quantities of 500 are as low as $2 per unit and include CD-ROM, mailer, assembly and ISP customer service at no additional charge. For more information, or a free quote on customized CD-ROMs, go to OneDisc.com, e-mail info@OneDisc.com or call: 1-800-427-0692.

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Image 1: ISP-One-Dial ™ from OneDisc.com

Caption: ISP-One-Dial™ CD-ROMs packaged in a cdOneBook™ from OneDisc.com save telecoms time, money and the testing required to ensure a high quality, professional looking subscriber CD – and they do it at very affordable prices. Visit www.OneDisc.com for more information and a free sample.

Image 2: CD Menu Screen

Caption: ISP-One-Dial™ CD-ROMs from OneDisc.com are ideal for telecoms who want to provide ISP customers with a simple easy-to-use menu that provides easy, goof proof signup. CDs are available in either standard ISP-One-Dial CDs or customizable with a telecom’s name, logo and features. Call for a free sample.

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