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[ Press Release - July 1st, 2004 ]
OneDisc.com, Inc™ announces the cdOneBook™ as a new product in its lineup of Integrated Digital Marketing tools
July 1st, 2004 - St. Paul, Minnesota
OneDisc.com, Inc™ announced today the cdOneBook™ as a new product in its lineup of Integrated Digital Marketing tools. The cdOneBook has the look and feel of a US Passport, with designs available to accommodate full size as well as mini and shaped CDs and DVDs. The cover is high quality Kivar and can be in full color and embossed. The inner pages can be printed in color or black and white and range from 2 to 38 pages.

Tara Lane, VP of Sales and Marketing at OneDisc.com, Inc., has been excited about customer response to the product. “The cdOneBook-180 is great for product promotions. It combines the power of a full-color print ad and the interactive capabilities of a promotional CD. At only 3 x 3 inches including the Mini CD-ROM, the package provides a fresh, efficient multi-media explanation of the product features. Another popular use is by conference and event planners. Most conferences provide a CD to their attendees. The booklet holds the CD, and also replaces the bulky conference guide. Advertisers see great value in having their information both in the printed cdOneBook and on the CD-ROM.”

“The cdOneBook-650 is the ideal format for software and music distribution,” says Tom Vanderpool, CEO of OneDisc.com, Inc. “The mailable cdOneBook presents the software instructions in an easily readable format and the CD-ROM stays with the instructions. Even for people who know computers inside and out, having a picture right there when installing software is so valuable. Think of it as the complete “soft-cover” Jewel case that replaces brittle plastic box and inserts with one integrated unit.”

Since 1999, OneDisc.com has been working with ISPs, banks, manufacturers, schools, authors, and event planners to put information onto a CD-ROM or DVD and to provide innovative packaging ideas for the product. OneDisc.com, Inc is at:

2189 4th Street,
St. Paul, MN 55110.

Jackie Hanson

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