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[ Press Release - April 2nd, 2002 ]
New Communications Approach Brings Efficiency, Cost Savings to Conseco Finance's Dealer-Based Credit Programs
April 2nd, 2002 - St. Paul, Minnesota

With an eye toward efficiency and cost savings, Conseco Finance Corp. is using technology to streamline communications for its dealer-based credit programs. Two CD-ROM projects recently completed with OneDisc.com, Inc. (a St. Paul, Minn.-based company that specializes in the production, packaging, assembly and distribution of customized promotional CD-ROMs) highlight the company's new approach to reaching current and prospective home improvement product and service dealers. Conseco Finance initiated the first CD-ROM project after one of its retail credit program partners, a national manufacturer and distributor of water treatment products, wanted to increase dealer program enrollment and provide training materials at the same time. "We wanted to get the audience's attention in a new and different way," said Leah Holloway, product specialist for Conseco Finance's retail credit division. "Previously, we printed and mailed program materials. The CD-ROM format offered a fresh approach to getting our message out to dealers."

The CD produced by Holloway's group was unique in the way it resembled the program's actual credit card. On the disk, dealers could review information including sales tips, new credit promotions, and program benefits. Documents such as enrollment forms and the program's training manual could also be viewed and printed by the user.

"We recognize the importance of knowing our dealers well, and we've learned along the way that this group is very tech-savvy," said Holloway. "An interactive CD-ROM holds much more appeal for them than a 40-page training manual that lands in their mailbox."

"Putting this information on CD means we can stretch our program marketing budgets further," said Andrew Ziesmer, vice president of account management and marketing for Conseco Finance. "We'll never completely eliminate the need to print marketing collateral pieces, but we can realize tremendous savings in printing, warehousing and shipping costs - usually enough to let us execute an additional component of a marketing campaign."

Another CD-ROM was recently completed by Conseco Finance's PROJECTLINE marketing team. PROJECTLINE, one of the company's industry card programs, offers independent dealers of home improvement products and services such as windows, roofing, fencing and siding the opportunity to participate in a retail credit program. "PROJECTLINE wanted to break through the clutter with a very targeted group of high-sales-volume home improvement dealers," said Lisa Brown, who manages the PROJECTLINE program at Conseco Finance Corp. Increasing program enrollment was the objective of the piece.

The PROJECTLINE CD-ROM included a multimedia presentation of program features and benefits, and allowed users to link -to the myprojectline.com Web site, or view and print program enrollment forms. The CD-ROM also presented an excellent opportunity to leverage Conseco, Inc.'s NASCAR sponsorship with home improvement dealers, many of whom are big racing fans. "Prospective dealers who filled out the enrollment forms and returned them to us were automatically entered in a sweepstakes to win a scale model of the Conseco car used in NASCAR races," said Brown.

"We take great pride in building strong relationships with our dealer base, either through our own industry card programs or with manufacturing partners," said Todd Woodard, president of Conseco Finance Corp.'s retail services division. "Knowing what dealers will respond to, and producing innovative marketing materials for them, gives us a competitive edge. Being smart when it comes to marketingprogram expenditures is just one more way we help dealers profit from our experience."

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St. Paul, Minn.-based Conseco Finance Corp., with managed assets of $43 billion, is one of America's largest finance companies and a leader in the home equity, home improvement, manufactured housing and private label credit card businesses. Conseco Finance is a subsidiary of Conseco, Inc. (NYSE: CNC), headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind. To learn more about Conseco, visit www.conseco.com.

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